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一、办事指南Operational Guidelines

1. 如您持有Z、X1、Q1、S1、J1字签证的,请自入境之日起30日内到太原市政务服务中心一楼B33窗口办理外国人居留许可。如需要延长签证停留期限,应当在签证注明的停留期限届满七日前向太原市公安局出入境管理支队申请延期。如需要延长居留许可停留期限,应当在居留许可的停留期限届满三十日前向太原市公安局出入境管理支队申请延期。

If you hold a Z, X1, Q1, S1 or J1 visa type, please be sure to apply for foreigner’s residence permit at Counter Number B33 on the first floor of the Taiyuan Municipal Service Center within thirty (30) days from the date of entry. If you need to extend your visa stay, you should apply to the Division of Exit/Entry Administrations of Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau seven (7) days before the expiration of the stay period indicated on the visa. If you need to extend your residence permit, you should apply to the Division of Exit/Entry Administrations of Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau thirty (30) days before the expiration of the residence permit.

2. 外国人在中国境内工作,应当按照规定取得工作许可证和工作类居留证件。任何单位和个人不得聘用未取得工作许可证和工作类居留证件的外国人。

Foreigners who work in China shall obtain work permits and work-type residence permits in accordance with the regulations.

No unit or individual shall employ foreigners who have not obtained work permits and work-type residence permits.

3. 外国人居留证件登记事项发生变更的,持证件人应当自登记事项发生变更之日起十日内向居留地县级以上地方人民政府公安机关出入境管理机构申请办理变更。

In the case of data update or modification of foreigner’s residency information, the foreigner shall, within ten (10) days from the date of the modification or update was made, visit the county level Exit-Entry Authority or a higher Exit-Entry Administration in the place of residence, for data update.

4. 护照是外国人的有效身份证明,请随身携带并妥善保管。如果民警依法履行检查,请予以配合。

Passport is a valid identity certificate for foreigners living in China, please always carry it with you and keep it safe. At any time, if police requests to perform inspection in accordance with the law, please cooperate with them.

5. 境外人员依照《中华人民共和国机动车驾驶证管理办法》领取机动车驾驶证后,才能在并驾驶机动车。

Foreign personnel can only drive a motor vehicle in Taiyuan after receiving a motor vehicle driver's license in accordance with the "Management Procedures of the People's Republic of China on Motor Vehicle Driver's License".

6. 您在旅馆住宿时,应出示个人护照或其他有效身份证件,并按规定办理住宿登记。您在旅馆以外的其他住所居住或住宿的,应当在入住后24小时之内,向当地派出所申请办理住宿登记。

When you stay in a hotel, you should show your passport or other valid ID and go through accommodation registration according to the regulations. If you live or stay in a residence other than a hotel, you should apply to the local police station for accommodation registration within 24 hours of check-in.

7. 在中国出生的外国婴儿,请于出生后2个月内,由其父母或代理人持儿童出生证明及父母身份证复印件向太原市公安局出入境管理支队申报、办理登记手续。

For foreign babies born in China, their parents or their agents shall present the child’s birth certificate and a copy of the parents’ identity document to the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau within two (2) months after birth, for declaration and appropriate registration.

8. 如所持护照在太原不慎丢失,请立即向遗失地派出所报案。


In the case of accidental loss of passport in Taiyuan, please report to the local police station immediately.

Afterwards use the "Receipt of Case Acceptance" issued by the police station to apply for the "Lost Passport Certificate" at the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau, and then apply for a new passport at your country's embassy in China. After receiving a new passport, you should go to the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Taiyuan Public Security Bureau, to re-apply for the relevant visa or residence permit procedures within 10 days of receiving a new passport.

二、旅游咨询:Travel Consults

1. 山西文化和旅游资讯网-山西省文化和旅游厅

Shanxi Culture and Travel Information website- Culture and Tourism Department of Shanxi Province


2. 山西宝华盛世国际旅行社有限公司



Shanxi Baohua Shengshi International Travel Agency

Main business: Travel, Visa, Plane tickets, Private planes, Event management, Currency exchange


Contact phone number: 0351-8888886, 13753163034

三、相关链接Relevant Contacts

1. 签证和居留许可在太原市公安局出入境管理支队办理

联系电话:0351-6816171 地址:万柏林区南屯路1号

Visas and residence permits are processed at the Exit-Entry Administration

Division of Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau

Contact number: 0351-6816171

Address: No. 1 Nantun Road, Wanbolin District

2. 公证、仲裁等法律援助咨询

Legal aid consultation such as notarization, arbitration, etc.

(1) 太原市城南公证处,小店区亲贤北街21号宏安国际17层;


Taiyuan South City Notary Office, Longan International 17th floor, Qingxian North Rd. 21, Xiaodian District

Phone Number: 0351-7187289, 0351-4140000

(2) 太原市城北公证处,杏花岭区府西街36号盛唐大厦8层;


Taiyuan North City Notary Office, Shengtang Building 8th floor, Fuxi St. 36,

Xinhualing District

Phone Number: 0351-4185295

(3) 太原市城西公证处,万柏林区望景路8号浙江大厦5层;

电话 0351-6387011

Taiyuan West City Notary Office, Zhejiang Building 5th floor, Wangjing Rd. 8, Wanbailin District

Phone Number: 0351-6387011

(4) 山西晋商律师事务所,太原市长风大街705号和信商座17层;

电话 13934242559 任科晋律师

Shanxi Business Law Firm, Hexin Business Center 17th floor, Changfeng St. 705, Taiyuan  

13934242559 Ren Kejin (Lawyer)

3. 《外国人健康证明》在山西省出入境检疫局办理



The "Foreigner Health Certificate" is processed at the Entry-Exit Quarantine Bureau of Shanxi

Contact number: 0351-7054945

Address: No. 1 Xieyuan Road, Taiyuan

4. 《外国人工作许可证》在太原市行政审批局社会事务一科办理



Foreigner's Work Permits shall be handled at the  Section 1 of the Social Affairs of Taiyuan Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau

Phone Number: 0351-2366318

Address: section D, Government Service Center 4th floor,  Nantun St.1, Wanbailin district, Taiyuan

5. 翻译服务 -- Translation services



Taiyuan Yizhaotong Translation Service Co., Ltd.

Contact number: 1873456



Shanxi Zhaotong Foreign Affairs Information Service Co., Ltd.

Contact number: 18636948987



Shanxi Xinhua Meirun Human Resources Co., Ltd.

Contact number: 18734567793


If you want to know more about foreigners' entry and exit, residence, visa, employment, study abroad, etc., please log on to the Shanxi Public Security WeChat official account "Minsheng Police"-"Immigration Business" (民生警务—出入境业务) to inquire about relevant content, scan the WeChat QR code below:

7、常用号码 Frequently Used Numbers

中国区号(China county code number):0086

太原区号(Taiyuan city code number ):0351

太原邮编(Taiyuan Postcode ):030000



电话查询(Phone Numbers inquiry):114

交通报警(Traffic police):122

医疗急救中心(Medical Emergency Center):120

移民服务 (Immigration Services):12367

8、主要交通 -- Transportation Information

(1)太原武宿国际机场Taiyuan Wusu International Airport

太原武宿国际机场, 位于太原市小店区太榆路199号,距太原南站仅4.6公里,联系电话0351-7286462。  

Taiyuan Wusu International Airport

Taiyuan Wusu International Airport, located at No. 199 Taiyu Road, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, is only 4.6 kilometers away from Taiyuan South Railway Station.

Contact number: 0351-7286462.

(2) 太原南站Taiyuan South Railway Station


Taiyuan South Railway Station is located at Beiying North Road, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City. It is a landmark station in Taiyuan.

Contact number: 0351-2212306.

(3)太原火车站Taiyuan Railway Station


Taiyuan Railway Station is located at No. 2, Jianshe South Road, Yingze District, Taiyuan City. In 2011, Taiyuan Railway Station was listed as a historical building in Taiyuan.

Contact number: 0351-12306.

(4) 太原长途汽车站Taiyuan Long-distance Bus Station


Taiyuan Long-distance Bus Station is adjacent to Taiyuan Railway Station. There are various bus plates on the both side and in front of the station, which are convenient for direct access. The airport bus is open 24/7. Contact number 0351-4042346.


For your personal and property safety, please take the following safety precautions:

(1) 善保管自己的财物和重要证件,不要在公共场所暴露随身财物;

Take good care of your belongings and important documents, don't expose or show off your belongings in public places;

(2) 外出时尽量搭乘安全的交通工具(如:酒店、公司、朋友提供的交通工具或有营运资格的出租汽车);

When going out, try to take safe transportation (such as transportation provided by hotels, companies, friends or taxis with operating qualifications);

(3) 请勿从事“黄、赌、毒”,防止被色诱绑架或抢劫;

Do not engage in "pornography, gambling, drugs", to prevent kidnapping or robbery by seduction;

(4) 请勿非法套换外汇,防止被调包诈骗,甚至被盗抢;

Please refrain from illegal foreign exchange to avoid being scammed or even robbed;

(5) 如遇紧急情况需要求助,可拨打报警电话:110

If you need help in an emergency, you can call the police: 110